Title deeds search free uk dating

Title deeds search free uk dating

Records relating to the history of houses, whether of the ownership and occupation of a property or its construction and architectural history, are kept in a variety of archives. This guide provides some suggestions for the kinds of records you can consult and where you should go to find them. Knowing the following information will usually make a search for records easier:.

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This chapter is all about how to use the History Search and providing examples of its day to day use. All of the examples in this chapter are based on actual occurrences. Those included do not represent an exhaustive list, and many more examples could have been included.

Each property is unique. The examples provided represent a broad view of those more commonly found. As well as being used by family historians our history searches are also used for many official purposes such as proving you no longer own a property, or that you once owned but no longer own a property, and checking that the current Title Plan accurately shows the boundaries of the property as they were when you purchased it - Title Plans are regularly updated.

The Land Registry began modestly with a handful of staff. The very first property to become registered was a year later in "Title deeds search free uk dating" Land Registration began some time later, and the first property to be compulsorily registered was the BBC Broadcasting House in London, in Compulsory Land Registration was phased into the country gradually over many years.

By there were more than a million properties registered in England and Wales, mostly as a result of compulsory registration. By this had increased to more than 5 million, and to 10 million by There Title deeds search free uk dating now more than 23 million properties registered, the vast majority of all properties and land in England and Wales.

Land Registry only began digitising their records in the 's and it was not until that prior editions of the Title documents became available. Unlike Scotland's Land Registry which maintain digital records of pre-registration title documents The Sasine Records England's Land Registry have none such, but they have retained copies of some of the more important title deeds sent to them in connection with an application to register the property either for the first registration or for a subsequent registration.

Whenever a document is held digitally the Land Registry make a note to this affect on the property's Title Register and now enable a copy of it to be purchased. In tracing a property's history, therefore, copies of prior editions of the Title Register and Title Plan can be obtained back toand copies of Pre-Registration Deeds can be obtained for dates earlier than this, sometimes into the 18th century. Each Title Register contains the name and address of the owner of the property in its B section.

The first date in the B section, contained in brackets, is the date upon which the current ownership first became registered, following a purchase, which would generally be within 2 months up to that date. The date of the current ownership might also be the same date as the date of first registration of the property the first date in brackets in the A section.

This will occur where the property is purchased and registered for the first time. Title Registers only show the name and address of the current owners and not any prior owners.

To discover the names and addresses of prior owners one may apply for our Historic Edition Prior Edition of the Title Register. Epithet deeds search rescue uk dating.

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By registering title to land in Northern Ireland, there is a register of landowners whose title is guaranteed by the state.
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  • By registering title to land in Northern Ireland, there is a register of You...

What are title deeds?

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Using the History Search

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Designation deeds search munificent uk dating.

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    A unique Title Number is allocated by the Land Registry to each and every property that is registered.