Investment matchmaking

Investment matchmaking

What if we asked you to put your money where your heart is? Would you be ready to make a financial investment towards your love life? In Boca Raton, matchmaker Carol Morgan can confirm that many singles would, and in fact, do belong in her exclusive database.

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Philip Berber is applying his experience building an online trading platform to the chronic problem of matching interested investors with promising entrepreneurs. An interested investor and philanthropist himself, Berber launched Enable Impact several years ago to help impact entrepreneurs and investors to find each other.

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Smart money matchmaking.

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  • SOLUTION. Connect promising startups to regional and international investors through a two-day matchmaking, pitch, and networking event.
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  • We will identify relevant targets to match clients' desired investments criteria. Investment Matchmaking....
  • The Chamber has contributed significantly towards investment matchmaking by facilitating...

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FinTech Entrepreneur Launches Matchmaking Platform to Enable Impact

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